Hi There!

Welcome to The Paper Package’s first ever blog post!

In this post we’re going to try to outline for our readers (assuming there are any! :))

  1. who is writing this blog? and
  2. what’s it all about?

First, to start with, who is writing this? Well, my name is Therese Zimmerman and I am the founder & owner of online gift shop, The Paper Package. Some of my favourite things (which will probably feature heavily in this blog) are looking at photos of gorgeous things, designing & wrapping vintage-style gifts, cooking & eating yummy food, reading detective fiction, watching dumb TV, spending heaps of time with my family & our fluffy dog, social occasions involving wine and running a small business.

Gorgeous Things (via Selena Lake)


If you have arrived at our blog through our website you might be interested in how The Paper Package started. Well, to make a long story shorter,  I started thinking about beginning a new business while I was looking for a job in early 2010. I had just finished a Grad Dip in Business through Massey University, and was looking to restart a full-time career after 17 years of working part-time and staying home looking after our 4 children.

After failing my way through my first-for-20-years super-scary job interview (which so reminds me that although it’s beyond annoying to hear that “everything works out for the best in the end”, it really can be TRUE ) I starting imagining that maybe it would be possible for me to start a small business myself. Possible to find something that would be challenging and creative while also utilising my new-found business skills.

After weeks spent browsing the internet and stalking various internet blogs and niche e-commerce websites I decided I wanted to start an online gift shop selling gorgeously wrapped gifts and “brown paper packages tied up with strings’.  And, that’s exactly what happened. After a further 6 months or so of planning, The Paper Package website was launched in December 2010.

One of the very first products we added to our website, Little Paper Package No. 1


So, that’s who’s doing the talking… now onto our second point:

What is this blog to be about? Well, it’s a funny thing – but I’m not really sure!! I have this idea that I can give a bit more background and story to our business, can showcase things I like that I think our customers might like too, can have a bit of a gossip, and  can talk a bit about gifts and gift wrapping. But let’s just say that at this stage it’s a work in progress…


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