Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

In this era of gift cards and downloadable gifts it can be a real thrill to have a proper present to open on Christmas Day.

Gift cards etc, while they might be what people ask for, do lack a lot of the magic of a physical gift. Let’s be honest, you can’t really have the same fun opening an envelope with a plastic card in it that you can with a lovingly wrapped present. With a traditional gift there’s the whole anticipation and experience of unwrapping… picking it up, holding it in your hands, feeling the weight of it, bringing it up to your ear to listen as you shake it a little, and then finally starting to unwrap it. Great fun!!

One of the main reasons people don’t give each other actual gifts so much anymore is that we’re apparently all stressed by not knowing what to buy or worrying whether the recipient will like the gift. But this is a problem we can help you solve! With just a little bit of thought and some inspiration from our gift selections below, you can bring back all the charm and nostalgia of a traditional Christmas present to someone you care about (even if you do want to slip them a little gift card on the side as well!)


Selection 1: Natural Simplicity

Top row (L to R): Gardener’s Hand Cream : Botanical Cards Boxed Set : “A Day For Me” Gift Package

Middle row (L to R): O-Check Library Notebook : Sweets & Nibbles Gift Box : “Garden Notes” Gift Package

Bottom row (L to R): String, Spool & Scissors : Galison Weekly Organiser : Au Jardin Sticky Notes


Selection 2: Elegance

Top row (L to R): Holy Night Gift Box : “Keep Your House in Order” Gift Package : Harmony Notebook

Middle row (L to R): Moleskine Book Journal : “Hello” Boxed Card Set : “Family Recipe” Gift Set

Bottom row (L to R): Vintage Album Gift Package : Passionflower Room Fragrance : “For Her This Christmas”


Selection 3: Traveling with Style

Top row (L to R): “Stylista” Gift Package : French Card Boxed Set : Paris Sticky Notes

Middle row (L to R): Ephemera Stickers : “Notes from Paris” Gift Box : “Vintage Golf” Gift Set

Bottom row (L to R): Vintage Crackle Leather Satchel : “Vintage Travel” Gift Package : Paris Notebook


Selection 4: Family and Friends

Christmas gifts for women - collage 4

Top row (L to R): Christmas Cookie Care Package : Talking Family : Moleskine Recipe Journal

Middle row (L to R): Butterfly Pocket Journal : Christmas Wishes Gift BoxAssorted Dog Card Set

Bottom row (L to R): Rosehip Organiser : Kitchen Care Gift Pack : Retro Housewarming Gift Box



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