Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

So, did you know that married couples have differing views over whether they share the gift buying responsibilities evenly at Christmas?

Probably not surprisingly, only 20% of women agree that responsibility for choosing and buying gifts is shared evenly with their partner, while slightly more men (33%) think that they shoulder half the burden. Ha!  I bet these numbers don’t only apply to married couples either.

What it means in practice though is that women are often the ones who have to choose gifts for the range of men in their life – fathers, fathers-in-law, husbands/partners, sons, brothers, brothers-in-law etc.

This can be quite a hard job… so to help you out this Christmas we’ve firstly compiled a few tips on choosing gifts for men, and then we wanted to show you our top 9 picks for Christmas gifts for guys from The Paper Package.

1. Some general gift choosing tips for guys:

Of course this is all very stereotypical, but you might like to keep in mind…

  • Most men prefer to receive gifts that they can put to immediate good use in either their work life, their home life or their spare time. So in terms of gift buying, this means thinking along the lines of practicality rather than sentimentality.
  • Following on from the above, consumables such as food and drink, and useable items such as golf balls, fishing bait/tackle, even socks (!) can in many situations be good, practical gift ideas for men.
  • Electronic items such as gadgets and games are popular gift choices for a lot of guys. You just have to be a little bit careful because men can be pretty specific about what they want (for example, about what exact game they want, or what exact model/version of gadgets they like). Exchange cards could be helpful here.
  • Tickets or arrangements to go somewhere/experience something can be a fun gift. It’s important to make sure you think about where he would really like to go (and this is sadly, not necessarily where you would like to go :)) Depending on his interests this could be a restaurant, sports game, concert, adventure experience etc.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask men directly what they would like for Christmas (see points on practicality and specificness above). But also don’t assume that “nothing” actually means “nothing”… it’s much more likely to mean “nothing in particular” or “nothing I can think of at the moment”.
  • If you’re having trouble choosing something and are just not sure what to give, then be careful not to over-compensate by spending more money. Lavish spending never guarantees a good gift.
  • Remember that when you give something to someone, you are also communicating something to them. So an interesting way to think about gift buying is to firstly spend some time thinking of what you most want to say to that person, and then try to choose something that reflects this. ie. focus first on the thought behind the gift rather than the physical gift itself.

2. Christmas Gift Ideas for Men from The Paper Package:

Our top nine picks for Christmas gifts are shown below, but be sure to also check out our full range of gifts for men & Christmas Gift Hampers for more ideas.

Christmas gifts for men from The Paper Package

Top row (L to R): Vintage Leather Satchel  :  Ciak Golf Notebook  :  Sweet & Savoury Gift Box

Middle row (L to R):  The Connoisseur Gift Package  :  It’s a Man’s Xmas Gift Hamper  :  Classic Moleskine

Bottom row (L to R): Xmas Chocko Box  :  “Masterchef” Gift Package  :  Leather Card Case

Thanks for reading and we hope some of these tips/ideas help with your Christmas gift shopping. Next post, because we’re starting to head into the Christmas party season, we’re planning to show you some fun ideas for food/nibbles and decorating. Hope to catch you again then 🙂


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