How to Choose and Wrap a Wedding Gift

If you’re lucky enough to be attending a wedding over the next little while, here’s a few quick pointers for gift ideas, as well as some lovely inspiration for creative gift wrapping.

wedding gift wrapping 1

Via DinoCreator on Etsy

First up, how to choose a wedding gift:

Basically, for weddings there are 4 types of gifts to choose from…


This is generally the most recommended gift for a wedding these days, and because it’s something nearly all newly-wed couples are short of, you know it will be appreciated.

To make giving cash more personal you could attach your envelope to a smaller, personally chosen gift item. Or to make it seem more special you could wrap your envelope creatively.

wedding gift card wrapping

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If the couple has a gift registry then it could be a good idea to stick to a gift item from there. Although it can seem a bit impersonal, you will at least be giving them something you know they will like.

If all the items on the register are too expensive for your budget, it can be a good idea to either give a gift card from the registry store in an amount that you can afford, or chip in with other guests to purchase one of the couple’s dream items together.

wedding gift tips - registry


When there is no gift registry and you don’t want to give cash, the next best thing could be a timeless wedding gift such as:

– Silver candlesticks

– Best quality bed-linen (good for posting so a good choice if you are unable to attend)

– French Champagne

– Quality cutlery

– Crystal

– Cast-iron French cookware (not so good for posting!)

These gifts are great for couples that have been living together already and don’t require any of the traditional “setting up a home” type gifts.

wedding gift tips 4

Eclectic Silver Plated Candlesticks from Pottery Barn


Sometimes the best-loved wedding gifts can come from thoughtful, sentimental ideas such as a book filled with the family recipes, or a photo album of candid, non-staged wedding shots. An anniversary journal is another romantic, sentimental idea for the couple.

Wedding or Anniversary Gift - Happily Ever After Gift

Happily Ever After wedding or anniversary gift from The Paper Package

But now you’ve chosen the gift, how are you going to wrap it?

Once you’ve settled on a gift for the wedding – why not go that little step further and make the gift something really special through lovely gift wrapping. It makes your gift stand out and gives the bride (and groom) that lovely sense of fun and anticipation that comes from unwrapping a beautiful or unique present.

A few quick tips:

  • It’s always classic to use white or silver wrapping paper or ribbon

wedding gift wrapping collage

  • If you’re going to be putting your gift on a table or prominent position at the wedding it’s a nice idea to go with the theme of the wedding – take your cue from the look of the invitation. For example these types of gift wraps would look great for a casual, outdoors, vintage-y wedding…

wedding gift wrapping vintage style

Via Original Home

  • ALWAYS attach your gift tag or card securely to the gift – it’s very stressful for newly-weds or their family trying to remember who gave what, or match loose cards to random gifts. It also makes it a nightmare to thank people properly if you’re not quite sure what they gave you!

wedding gift wrapping collage

Left to R: Something Blue : Martha Stewart Weddings

  • If you’re planning on giving an envelope containing money or gift cards etc, transform it into a gift by using a generous length of double satin ivory or white ribbon, or other trimmings to embellish the outside.

Via A Gift Wrapped Life

  • Going simple, especially for a summer, garden or beach wedding can be fun and classy – maybe a little bit of lace on plain white or brown paper – or even some newspaper with tulle…

wedding gift wrapping - simple collage

Left to R: Hvitur Lakkris : The Country Chic Cottage :Marley and Lockyer

  • And if you’re a little bit crafty you can make a wonderful impression with embellishments

Via Pretty Petals

And finally, don’t forget your wedding wishes!

We have compiled a small list of messages suitable for wedding gift cards or tags on our website. You can check these out here.



How to Write the Perfect Thank You Note

You must have heard the news story last Friday about the “insane email from the world’s worst mother-in-law”  that was doing the rounds on the internet.

Well, in the email, one of the many complaints made to future daughter-in-law Heidi by her future mum-in-law (that’s her in the picture) was that,

You should have hand-written a card to me. You have never written to thank me when you have stayed”

Poor Heidi – if only she’d been following our series of posts on all the in’s and out’s, do’s and don’ts of thank you letters, cards & notes!!

Anyway, for the benefit of all of you who may have to deal with snooty mothers-in-law or others like them in the future, we will now continue on with our thank-you note series. Today…


The first important thing to note is that your “thank you” should be TIMELY

Thank you notes, or cards, should be written and sent as quickly as possible. The recommendation is that you write them immediately because, as we all know, it is all too easy to put tasks like this off and before you know it so much time has passed that you tell yourself there’s no point sending it now. So, tip #1 is to do it straight away.

However, not all of us are that well organised, and if you have been slack it’s good to know that it is still better manners to send a note late, than not at all. Perhaps you could apologise in the note for your tardiness, but don’t try making excuses. As primly noted by Miss Manners in her online etiquette column “the declaration of being busy just irritates those who took the time to be kind”.

The second point is that written thank you notes and cards should be SPECIFIC

The best thank you notes always make specific reference to the gift you’ve been given, or the experience or help you are thankful for. Think about how you felt at the time, and how you feel when you think about it now. Kelly Browne, author of “101 Ways to Say Thank You: Notes of Gratitude for all Occasions” also advises to use adjectives in your writing as they help convey emotion. For example, instead of just writing:

Thanks for the glasses.

Try adding a bit more detail like:

Thank you for the sparkling crystal glasses!”

It adds a lot more oomph and personality to the note.

And speaking of personality, this is the third golden rule of thank you cards, to be PERSONAL and SINCERE

Address the person(s) you are thanking directly, don’t use pre-printed thank you letters, don’t be half-hearted and don’t lie.

In all cases a thank you note should stress the generosity of the giver, remembering that it is the thought that counts. But even when that thought just doesn’t seem right, you should still be gracious in your appreciation and be really careful not to hurt someone’s feelings. Be wary of using phrases like “The ornament is so unique” or “Your taste in clothing is so original” – people can usually pick these for what they are, and will justifiably question the sincerity of your appreciation.

The final thing you might want to consider is the STATIONERY you will use for the thank you letter, card or note.

It is generally accepted that there is no need for the stationery to be too formal – but on the other hand it shouldn’t be too messy either (as Miss Manners also notes, you don’t want your thank you letter to look like a ransom note!)

It is very easy to pick up sets of thank you cards or blank notecards, and notecards are a great size because you don’t have to fill a whole page, but there is enough room to craft a lovely 3 or 4 lines – which is probably a good length to aim for.

In practical terms, the Emily Post Institute ( advises that a thank you note for a gift should contain:

  • an opening line of thanks and specific mention of the gift
  • 3-5 sentences (use the tips above for ideas)
  • another thanks
  • sign off

Next week we will post a few sample thank you letters or notes to use in different situations so that we can see examples of this advice in practice…


Thank You Letter, Thank You Notes, Thank You Cards… & When You Need to Send Them

Probably one of the first things to know about the “proper” way of sending thank you letters, notes or cards is knowing when you need to send them.

So, although it is apparently never wrong to send a written thank you letter or note, there are some occasions when it is compulsory:

  • For engagement and wedding gifts
  • For sympathy or bereavement cards, gifts, flowers & assistance
  • For hostesses
  • For bridal/baby shower gifts
  • After being entertained by your boss
  • For hospitality
  • For congratulatory letters or gifts
  • For gifts of particular value

Engagement and Wedding Gifts

Thank you notes or cards should be sent out within 3 months of the engagement or wedding day. For wedding gifts in particular, a written thank you should be sent to everybody, including close friends and family.

Sympathy/bereavement letters, flowers, gifts, cards and assistance

Even though it will be a difficult time, and the niceties of etiquette may not be high up the priority list, it is still important that the thoughtfulness, care and acts of kindness people have shown during a bereavement period is acknowledged. If it is too difficult for the closest family members to carry out the job of writing the thank you notes, it may be delegated to others (although  often the actual act of reading through sympathy cards and recalling other peoples kindness and how much they care can be positive & healing experience).

Hostess duties

Anybody who has hosted, or helped host, an occasion for you (such as a baby shower) should be sent a written thank you letter and perhaps even a thank you gift.

Bridal shower and baby shower gifts

It is a good idea to send written thank you’s for these gifts as soon as possible. They will be the easiest things in the world to put off once you become busy with a newborn baby or are involved in the last minute wedding preparation fuss.

Being entertained by your boss

For obvious reasons it is important to show your boss that you understand essential good etiquette and have good manners, so send a written thank you note after being entertained by your boss or other work superiors.


Thank you notes should be sent after staying overnight at someone’s home (unless they are a a close friend or family member).

Congratulation gifts or notes

Written thank you notes are appropriate after receiving graduation gifts, or cards congratulating you on a new job etc.

Valuable or expensive gifts

It is important to send written thank you notes after receiving gifts of particular value, even if these have been received, opened and appreciated in person.

In the following instances, written thank you’s would be thought nice, but not compulsory:

  • When you have been a guest at a dinner party
  • After a job interview
  • For birthday or Christmas gifts received and opened in person
  • For personal favours (such a meals cooked or children picked up from kindy – in these cases a reciprocal helpful act of favour can be more appropriate)

Well that’s good then…  we’re all clear on when to send thank you letters, thank you notes and thank you cards, now we just need to know how to write them! Stay tuned for another fascinating post for tips on this:)

Thank You Letters, Notes and Cards – Your Essential Guide

Thank You Cards

Rifle Paper Co. French Boxed Set Of Cards

Although fashions and trends may come and go there is always one thing that will not go out of style and that is good manners.

But do we all know what good manners requires in different situations?

I absolutely do not claim to be an expert, but I have tried to research some of the social conventions that involve gift giving situations. And up first, here are some of the in’s and out’s, and do’s and dont’s I have discovered about Thank You Letters

The proper way to display good manners and courtesy after being the recipient of a gift, an act of generosity or a little kindness is to write a thank you letter, note or card.

Nothing else shows your appreciation and gratitude with as much sincerity, warmth or charm. It is also very courteous to let a gift giver know that their present was received safely

This series of posts will provide a short, but essential,  guide to thank you letters, thank you notes & thank you cards.

With this information at your fingertips you will be able to glide through this particular social minefield with your head held high!

Part One : When do I need to send a written thank you?

Part two: How do I craft the perfect thank you letter?

Part three: Thank you letter samples + samples for thank you notes and cards