Slow Work Day : Distracted by Decals

Vinyl wall decals make a great gift idea – or an easy winter “spruce-up” for your home. Forget messy paint and stencils, these are quick to put up and removable once you’ve grown tired of them. They would make a great gift for people flatting or renting, or for kid’s rooms (where their interests are likely to change every couple of years).

And the selection available nowadays is so great…


Gift ideas for the Kitchen

Chocolate - A Scientific Breakthrough (approx $44.00 NZD incl. postage from US)

Gift Ideas for Kitchen

This Month... (approx $96.00 NZD incl. postage from US)


Gift Ideas for the Home

Sorting Out Life (approx $42.50 NZD incl. postage from US)

Gift Ideas for the Home

Classic Kiwi Clothesline ($120.00 + courier delivery)


Gift Ideas for the Home

Family Tree (approx. $115.00 NZD incl. postage from US - you supply family name & colour scheme)

Gift Ideas for the Home

In This House... (approx. $80.00 incl postage from Canada)

Gift Ideas for the Home

Vintage Family Name (approx. $50.00 NZD incl postage from US - you supply name)

Gift Ideas for the Home

Birds on a Wire (approx. $38.00 NZD incl postage from US - you can specify width)

Gift Ideas for the Home

A Different Drummer (approx. $74.00 incl postage from US)


Gifts for Kids

Woodland Friends (approx $182.00 NZD inc. postage from Singapore)

Gift Ideas for Kids

Definition of a Boy (approx. $36.00 incl postage from US)

Gift Ideas for Kids

Alphabet ($30.00 incl delivery within NZ)


Click on images to be taken through to websites for further details.

We don’t sell any of these products, and aren’t associated in anyway with the shops/products included – we just like what we see!!


Gift Ideas : Woodland Tales

It’s probably because it’s winter, but we’re really loving woodland themes for gift inspiration & buying decisions this month…

Woodland & Winter Inspired Gift Ideas

We have just had a new arrival of journals and leather gift products arrive from O’Check Design Graphics. I love these products, they’ve got such a great vintage vibe going on… they feel nice as well as looking nice… and they suit the season perfectly.

Added to the website today were these journals…

"Harmony" Library Notebook & O'Check Day Book - Black

These journals make beautiful gifts and really suit vintage-style gift wrapping using tissue, brown paper & twine. They feel like you’re opening up a present from the past!

As well this week we’ve just bought some new “Woodland Tales” knitted toys from Lily & George. These aren’t handmade products, but they kind of feel as though they are with their knitted texture and slightly odd expressions. They haven’t made it onto the website yet… but should be available next week.

Woodland Tales Soft Knitted Rattles

The ONLY issue with them is how on earth does a pink lamb get into a woodland themed animal collection? Strange… but babies probably won’t care & she does have a lovely earnest expression on her face!

Other woodlandy-themed gift ideas that we ♥ …

Felted Wool Squirrel Tea Cozy by fuzzylogicfelt on Etsy

photo from fuzzylogicfelt (

and I don’t even drink tea or have a teapot:)

Handmade Rustic Oak Leaf Tags by peaseblossomstudio on Etsy

Photo via peaseblossomstudio (

These are sold as tags to add to favour boxes for weddings – but they would look great for any winter birthday gift wrapping (or save until Christmas).

Happy Acorn Necklace by marymaryhandmade on Etsy

photo from marymaryhandmade (

The jeweller writes… “The little acorn is happy for now, but has hopes to one day become a big, beautiful oak tree! ” Handmade out of sterling silver, hand detailed, with a matte finish. This could made somebody very happy 🙂

Stags Head Red Tartan Woven Tapestry Cushion Cover Sham by Designer Cushions on Etsy

Photo from designercushions (

These cushion covers are sold on Etsy, made right here in NZ in Matamata. Don’t you love the whole “hunting lodge” vibe. These would look so cozy in your home!

Ruru – An Autumnal Beastie by ellaquaint on Felt

Photo from ellaquaint's shop at

And every forest needs an owl – so this little Morepork (ruru) adds the perfect touch. From ellaquaint’s shop on Felt, click through the link on image to take a look at their other wonderful birds & beasties!

Tui Brooch by nativecre8ve on Felt

Photo from nativecre8ve's shop at

Finally, so you can take a bit of the forest with you, a tui brooch made in Rotorua by native cre8ve. These brooches would make a lovely, original gift for $15.00 (including NZ delivery!) Click through the link on the image to visit their shop.

p.s. none of these shops, designers, craftspeople are associated with The Paper Package in any way – I just really like their stuff!

Anniversary Gifts : Will Anybody Even Need Them?

As a business we’ve only been operating 6 months now, but probably our single best-selling range of gifts so far have been Anniversary Gifts. And now I wake up this morning to hear on TV 1’s Breakfast that the marriage rate in NZ has reached an all-time low. Great.

photo via

Apparently the marriage rate in NZ last year was 12.5 marriages per 1,000 unmarried adults, which is less than one-third of the peak recorded in 1971 and half the 1987 rate. (Statistics NZ Media Release)

So why aren’t we so keen on getting married then? Stats NZ cites the increasing numbers of de facto unions, a general trend towards delayed marriage, and more New Zealanders remaining single (whether this is by choice or by lack of choice who knows??)

You would have to imagine too, that finances must be a bit of an issue here, especially if couples are having children before they get married. Then, the big expense of a wedding must come pretty low down the priority list compared to things such as a warm house in a nice neighbourhood & providing your kids with everything they need.

It seems a bit of a shame though… the whole tradition of marriage & the wedding ceremony itself is such a huge part of our culture and heritage. You know that a wedding isn’t a measure of how much a couple loves each other, but it is an open declaration of their commitment to each other AND it’s a great chance for a family/friends to celebrate a happy occasion together.

So maybe if finance is part of the reason why people aren’t marrying, wouldn’t it be great if we could all start to focus more on how fabulous lower budget, low key, creative weddings can be compared to a Bridezilla type occasion costing tens of thousands of dollars.

photo via

I am such a fan of the online crafty marketplace Etsy, and absolutely love their “handmade weddings” showcases. Granted that most of these couples are extremely creative & crafty, but it’s so great to see their individuality shine through (usually on a budget) while still celebrating the best of the wedding traditions.

But back of the subject of anniversary gifts – I would be really interested in knowing if couples that have been together in a de facto relationship for many years share an anniversary? And if you do… how do you choose which day to celebrate? And do you exchange gifts?


On the positive side of the stats the divorce rate is now the lowest since 1980. So it seems that the longer waiting times for marriage, and increased age of the bride & groom may lead to less unhappy marriages, and you have to celebrate that!