Fun Christmas Food + Drinks

It’s 25th November today, which means that the next month will be filled with “Christmas Entertaining”. Picnics, cocktails, family bbq’s, get-togethers, work-do’s (arrgh), office parties and more!

So we thought some fun and festive food + drink ideas might be in order…



Betty Crocker’s Easy Fiesta Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Cheese Board from Cabot Cheese, Vermont

Babybel Cheese Santa from Cute Food for Kids



Edible fruit tree from Ginger & Garlic (scroll down for instructions)

Strawberry Christmas Tree from

Strawberry Santas!

Corporate Christmas Party Food from Tracey Lau.  No recipes but pictures show Chocolate Dipped Cherries and a Vanilla Bean Bavarois with Raspberry Coulis – gorgeous!



Gingerbread tree – no recipe but I guess you could use any gingerbread biscuit recipe – the idea is lovely:)

Double gingerbread cupcakes from



Mini snowman shots – eat em’ fast!

No recipe – this is from a wedding blog – but it is apparently chantilly mousse and raspberry sauce. Doesn’t it look Christmas-sy!



Lovely Mini Christmas Vanilla Cupcakes from Once Upon a Plate

Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes from Sweat Peas Kitchen



Refreshing Raspberry Mojito from a la carte kitchen

[b.t.w. we have put a yummy ice republic mojito mix in our “It’s a Man’s Xmas” gift box – so cool for Christmas or Boxing Day bbq’s]

Apple, Ginger and Cranberry Cocktails from the fabulous What Katie Ate



And if you’re looking for some fun entertainment ideas for young and old I love the “Christmas Minute-to-Win-It” ideas in oncloud8’s Not So Silent Night blog post.

Happy Eating & Drinking & Being Merry !!



Bored Games

One of the first things that a weekend of wet, winter weather can make you think of is board games. Not that actually playing board games is all that great – it’s more the IDEA of playing them that appeals. Sitting around with family or friends, all cozy, having fun. Unfortunately most times that turns out to be a bit of a nostalgic dream… the reality is more like tantrums, up-turned boards and cards flying everywhere, a scrabble board full of 3 & 4 letter words that are impossible to build on and the endless time-stretching monotony of monopoly!

But, despite this, you have to love them…

Do you remember these…


And remember how MAD it made you to get landed on just as you were about to get into home?


Aww, Stratego. Just one question… why?

and Mystery Date!! (1972 edition)

Do you know that these are collectable nowadays? So if you’ve got one sitting around in a cupboard or at the bach don’t throw it out because people will actually pay real (not monopoly) money for it.

Where do you keep yours?

Board games also mean hours spent looking for lost pieces – or the rules – so it’s better if they’re organised…


In a bulging board game bookcase?


Or in a dedicated cupboard (like the Royal Tenebaums)

Wall Art

Wall Art

Or on the wall as artworks (this is a great idea for a kids room – and the pieces are kept in a little plastic bag attached to the back of the board – inspired!)

Vintage Box

Or beautifully organised in a beautiful vintage box.

Remix and Recycle

And if you do lose some pieces, or the games get a bit mixed up don’t despair because help is at hand…

Gift Idea - Board Game Remix Kit

Board Game Remix Kit

This is a fantastic gift idea – a board game remix kit from Hide&Seek ( Available as an e-book, traditional book and i-phone app – there are also optional new cards to purchase  (see the photo immediately below).

The Board Game Remix Kit reinvents, tweaks and mashes-up the staple board game stash of Cluedo, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit & Scrabble.

gift idea - board game remix cards

Or you could always try recycling

gift idea - recycled board game notebook


or, if worst comes to worst…

gift wrapping using old board games

Gift Wrapping

You could use the old game boards for some stylish gift wrapping!

Winners and Losers

Here is a current favourite board game…

gift idea - spy alley board game

Spy Alley

It’s great fun (and a great family gift idea). Easy-to-grasp rules, the ability to eliminate players really early on (always makes for more excitement) and best of all, quick to play!

gift idea - table topics family gathering

Table Topics "Family Gathering" edition

And this is another favourite that we sell at The Paper Package. The Table Topics : Family Gathering edition is suitable for all ages in the family and makes a great gift idea for the next time you’ve got the extended family together for a meal or other social occasion.

And not so favourites…

bad gift ideas - thinking mans golf game

A bad, bad gift idea!

According to this is one of the “most horrendous board game fails of all time.” It takes all the fun out of the all-ready boring game of golf and puts it on a board for no one to enjoy. You would have to agree that any game that requires you to calculate wind speed & direction can’t be good.

And finally, if food is more your thing then board game fun, take a look at these…

Scrabble Cupcakes

Wonderful and totally worth 8 points! (and if you like these you should also check out their scrabble wedding cake)

All photos via Pinterest (click through for links & credits)