Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Gift Ideas for GardenersI think you’ll agree that one of the hardest things about gift giving is trying to think up new gift ideas (hence the popularity of gift cards!)

At our online gift shop The Paper Package, we are obviously all about encouraging you to buy actual presents for your friends & family (rather than the envelope with a plastic card inside), and so to help with gift ideas we’ve written a number of gift guides for different interests, personality types and occasions.

Some of these are general guides to choosing gifts, such as wedding gift ideas, how to choose gifts for children & graduation gift ideas while others are more focused on gift ideas specifically from The Paper Package.

The latest edition to this collection of gift guides is “Gift Ideas for Gardeners“.

Gardening is one of the most-popular pastimes in New Zealand, so it’s likely that you have at least one gardener or garden lover on your yearly gift list. If so… what do you think of these ideas? Granted, they are not your normal gardening gifts – there’s not a trowel or gumboot in sight – but they could make lovely & original gifts that will be much appreciated and remembered.

The images have been directly taken from our website, and below them you’ll find more information about the products and links to them.


Gift Ideas for Gardeners:

Row 1: Left to Right

Au Jardin Sticky Notes ($36.00) : Cavallini & Co. Butterfly Stickers ($36.00) : Le Jardin Gift Box ($89.90)

Gift Ideas for Gardeners from The Paper Package

This row is focused on gifts for home and garden-loving women, and features beautiful stationery from Cavallini & Co with their trademark vintage imagery and presentation.

The Au Jardin Sticky Notes would be great to have on hand while browsing through gardening mags.

The Butterfly Stickers are such high quality and can be used for everything from sealing envelopes, gift wrapping to decorating (I have seen them stuck onto plain white candles and they look absolutely gorgeous)

And, finally the “Le Jardin” gift box is a lovely gift-boxed collection of products that includes a jar of the very popular Scully’s lavender gardening hand cream.


Row 2: Left to Right

Moleskine Gardening Journal ($56.00): Garden Notes Gift Package (82.00) : Green Hardcover Journal ($35.00)

Gift Ideas for Gardeners from The Paper Package

This row is focused on products for passionate, literate gardeners, who would enjoy having a special place to record & chronicle their garden tasks/dreams/successes & plans.

The Moleskine Gardening Journal is part of a series of “Passions” journals from the legendary Italian notebook brand. For further info on this journal please take a look at the Moleskine site (includes a fun, short  video)

The “Garden Notes” gift package includes the Moleskine Journal in combination with the Au Jardin sticky notes.

And, this handsome green hardcover journal from O’Check Design Graphic’s “Library Collection” would be the perfect place to record gardening histories, notes & plans.


Row 3 : Left to Right

Folk Art Boxed Cards ($35.95) : Gardener’s Handcream ($29.90) : String, Spool & Scissors Set ($52.00)

Gift Ideas for Gardeners This is a pretty random row of gifts that a keen gardener might enjoy:

The Folk Art Boxed Card Set from Rifle Paper Co. is a great gift idea, and so handy to have on hand. Why waste time & money going to the shops every time you need a card, when you can have these gorgeous, original cards in your desk drawer. So these would be great both as a gift for gardeners, or to send to a gardener.

As mentioned above Scully’s lavender Gardener’s Hand Cream is very popular. This particular product is presented in a lovely, vintage-style gift box and would make the perfect little birthday or thank you gift.

Our final product in this row is O’Check Design Graphics String, Scissors & Spool Set. This is also a very popular product, it looks fantastic sitting on your bench or table, and the scissors work phenomenally well! I have been using my set for a couple of years now, and they are as sharp as ever.


Bottom Row : Left to Right

Sweets & Nibbles Gift Box ($84.00) : Botanical Gift Box ($89.90) : Gardener’s Gift Pack ($44.00)

Gift Ideas for Gardeners from The Paper Package

This final row consists of boxed gifts that gardeners will love…

The Sweets & Nibbles Gift Box is filled with a lovely selection of gourmet food products, like handmade soft-centred chocolates, biscotti, fresh fudge, cheese sticks & more. Presented in a homely, fresh style with a charming vintage gift tag.

The Botanical Gift Box features a stunning collection of botanically themed products, including a boxed set of gift cards, small notebook, lavender, blackcurrent & cassis candle, Harney & Sons green tea and some handmade chocolate flowers. It really does make a gorgeous special occasion gift!

Finally, the Gardener’s Gift Pack is a lovely gift-boxed pairing of Scully’s gardener’s hand cream and gardener’s soap. Attractive and practical, this makes a nice gift for the green-fingered.


And of course, we wrap them too…

Gift Ideas for Gardeners from The Paper Package



Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

So, did you know that married couples have differing views over whether they share the gift buying responsibilities evenly at Christmas?

Probably not surprisingly, only 20% of women agree that responsibility for choosing and buying gifts is shared evenly with their partner, while slightly more men (33%) think that they shoulder half the burden. Ha!  I bet these numbers don’t only apply to married couples either.

What it means in practice though is that women are often the ones who have to choose gifts for the range of men in their life – fathers, fathers-in-law, husbands/partners, sons, brothers, brothers-in-law etc.

This can be quite a hard job… so to help you out this Christmas we’ve firstly compiled a few tips on choosing gifts for men, and then we wanted to show you our top 9 picks for Christmas gifts for guys from The Paper Package.

1. Some general gift choosing tips for guys:

Of course this is all very stereotypical, but you might like to keep in mind…

  • Most men prefer to receive gifts that they can put to immediate good use in either their work life, their home life or their spare time. So in terms of gift buying, this means thinking along the lines of practicality rather than sentimentality.
  • Following on from the above, consumables such as food and drink, and useable items such as golf balls, fishing bait/tackle, even socks (!) can in many situations be good, practical gift ideas for men.
  • Electronic items such as gadgets and games are popular gift choices for a lot of guys. You just have to be a little bit careful because men can be pretty specific about what they want (for example, about what exact game they want, or what exact model/version of gadgets they like). Exchange cards could be helpful here.
  • Tickets or arrangements to go somewhere/experience something can be a fun gift. It’s important to make sure you think about where he would really like to go (and this is sadly, not necessarily where you would like to go :)) Depending on his interests this could be a restaurant, sports game, concert, adventure experience etc.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask men directly what they would like for Christmas (see points on practicality and specificness above). But also don’t assume that “nothing” actually means “nothing”… it’s much more likely to mean “nothing in particular” or “nothing I can think of at the moment”.
  • If you’re having trouble choosing something and are just not sure what to give, then be careful not to over-compensate by spending more money. Lavish spending never guarantees a good gift.
  • Remember that when you give something to someone, you are also communicating something to them. So an interesting way to think about gift buying is to firstly spend some time thinking of what you most want to say to that person, and then try to choose something that reflects this. ie. focus first on the thought behind the gift rather than the physical gift itself.

2. Christmas Gift Ideas for Men from The Paper Package:

Our top nine picks for Christmas gifts are shown below, but be sure to also check out our full range of gifts for men & Christmas Gift Hampers for more ideas.

Christmas gifts for men from The Paper Package

Top row (L to R): Vintage Leather Satchel  :  Ciak Golf Notebook  :  Sweet & Savoury Gift Box

Middle row (L to R):  The Connoisseur Gift Package  :  It’s a Man’s Xmas Gift Hamper  :  Classic Moleskine

Bottom row (L to R): Xmas Chocko Box  :  “Masterchef” Gift Package  :  Leather Card Case

Thanks for reading and we hope some of these tips/ideas help with your Christmas gift shopping. Next post, because we’re starting to head into the Christmas party season, we’re planning to show you some fun ideas for food/nibbles and decorating. Hope to catch you again then 🙂

Great Gift Ideas from O-Check Design Graphics

o-check design graphics

If you’re like most people you might suffer a little bit of stress around choosing gifts… stress that comes from not knowing whether the recipient of your gift is going to love what you’ve got them, or hate it and pass it on to the next unlucky recipient as soon as possible.

That’s one of the reasons why we are so enthusiastic about selling and using O-Check Design Graphics products in our gift boxes – we think they make really fantastic gifts that will definitely not be “re-gifted”. And here’s some reasons why:

  • Their products are original and exclusive. In fact many of them are limited editions. This means they are not the kind of thing you will find in every stationery or gift shop throughout the country, let alone at the big chain stores. It’s really exciting to open a gift and find something lovely that you haven’t seen before.

gift ideas from o check design graphics

  • They are practical as well as beautiful. Not everybody gets obsessive over stationery (although many people do!), but it is something that most of us use at work or at home… memo pads, notebooks, key rings, pencil cases, journals etc. etc… even expandable rulers!

o check design grpahics ruler

  • They have a specific and cohesive style. Which means you can easily guess whether your gift recipient will love them or not. We think of them appealing to people whose personal style leans towards vintage but simple. Nostalgic but not gimmicky. Romantic but not cheesy. In other words, people with taste like ours! (Good taste we like to call it :))

gift ideas - o check design graphics - harmony journal

  • They are environmentally friendly, using recycled products and soy-based inks along with quality, natural materials such as linen, leather, wood and metal. So if this issue is important to your gift recipient or yourself, you can be reassured that this manufacturer is environmentally aware.

gift ideas from o check design graphics

  • They really have an inherent warmth and charm all of their own. Their journals are reminiscent of hardcover books your parents or grandparents would have read, while the travel/postage imagery, french wording and inscriptions on many of the items are quirky and interesting.

gift ideas o check photo album

  • They perfectly suit the particular style of gift wrapping and presentation that we use at The Paper Package. Simple wrapping papers, natural twine, vintage motifs etc.

gift wrapping - o check design graphics

So, now we have convinced you of how great these products are, you might like to check out the  O-Check Design Graphics gift ideas we currently have available at The Paper Package.

But we also wanted to share with you some products we have on order which will be available for gift ideas this Christmas (to keep in mind for the Chrissy presents :)):

Owl Hard Cover Notebook

Christmas gift ideas from The Paper Package

This is an elegant book bound notebook with 144 lined pages – perfect for someone to fill the bookcase with stories of their own! Has a fabric cover with a lovely vintage owl silk screen print.

Christmas gift ideas from The Paper Package - Owl Hardcover Notebook

Wood Pencil Stand

Gift ideas from O-Check Design Graphics | Wood Pencil Stand

This stylish wood product will help organise your office or study so that you can conveniently find all of your pens and pencils! The simple, clean design complements any desk arrangement, so it also makes a flexible gift idea.

gift ideas from O-Check - Wood Pencil Stand

Boxed Christmas Tag Set

Christmas gift ideas - Boxed tag set

The Noel Tag set is a beautifully packaged set of 25 Christmas themed gift tags. The set comes in an originally designed wood gift box and has 25 tags in total – 5 each of 5 different designs. Each tag is 6 x 10cm and has an endearing image and sentiment.

Christmas gift ideas - boxed gift tag set

Christmas gift ideas - boxed gift tag set - O-Check Design Graphics

If you would like us to let you know when any of these products become available, or would like any further information regarding any of our gift boxes or items please don’t hesitate to contact us.

And finally, if you like the style of O-Check Design Graphics, they also make available monthly downloadable wallpapers for your desktop. I have just put the September one on my computer – and it really is lovely…

O-Check desktop wallpapers

P.S. O-Check’s signature tagline is Spring Come, Rain Fall. How perfect for New Zealand in September!

Homemade Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Over the last couple of weeks we have been posting a series of Father’s Day Gift Guides, based on gifts we currently have available for sale at The Paper Package. But today, we thought we’d focus on some fantastic homemade Father’s Day gift ideas that you could make yourself at home to celebrate on Sunday 4 September.

1. Father’s Day Cupcakes

You cant go wrong with home baking for any dad, and cupcakes are so easy to make. My favourite recipe is from Nigella Lawson – very easy – and then some buttercream icing on top (piped on using a glad plastic bag with the corner snipped off).

Then all you need to do is decorate them a bit in a Father’s Day style:

  • Easy – Father’s Day Party Printables

Print out some of these fun printable labels and cupcake toppers, stick them on a toothpick and you’re done!

Party printables, cupcake toppers, banners, cards, invitation & more via

  • Tricky  

These could be fun to try and make for a fishing-mad father…

Father's Day Fishing Cupcakes from Nothing But Country via

  • Fiendishly Hard

Warning – we are heading into Heston Blumenthal territory here…

Fast food fun from

Yes, these are actually cupcakes and biscuits (the french fries!). If you click through the image there is a full tutorial on how to make these, plus printable downloads for the french fry bag and snack holder. Incredible. If you actually have a go at trying to make these please send us a photo – we would love to see how they turned out 🙂

2. D.A.D. Photographs

We’ve found a few examples of these on the web – and it seems such a simple, but really cool idea that Dads will love.

Click through for tutorial from Twinkle Toes - the blog

You can find wooden letters in NZ from craft stores, Spotlight etc. I’ve also found a link online to Mums Know Best (we have no affiliation with any of these stores so can’t vouch for the product/service sorry).

If you don’t have the time to get the wooden letters for props here are a couple of other creative ideas for Father’s Day photos:

3. Dad’s Rule Print

Don’t you just love Dadisms!! They are so much fun because they immediately transport you back in time to when you were about 8 years old again!

This fantastic free printable was designed by Amy Proffitt ( and can be downloaded in various colour combinations. Makes a great print to frame, or to give as a Father’s Day card maybe… (and the hidden message is fun too)

4. A couple of great homemade gift ideas from Martha Stewart

Retro Father’s Day labels

Use these labels to make your own snack range, designed just for his tastes!

Or maybe you could try this yummy sounding Caramel, Bourbon and Vanilla sauce

The presentation of this is gorgeous – I don’t know where you would get the little spoons though, maybe from the Sallies or other second-hand shops?

5. DIY Superhero Gift Box

This idea is a bit more complicated but it could be really fun (and what dad wouldn’t love to think of himself as a superhero to his kids!)

Superhero Gift Box from

Click through the image for printable labels and full instructions (which can probably be simplified if you didn’t feel up to the whole shebang!)

6. Father’s Day Ticket Book

This is a lovely design for a Father’s Day coupon book… (note: needs login to download)

7. Father’s Day Card

And this is a cute design for a Father’s Day card that kids could print out and fold…

Father's Day greeting card from

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2011 – Part Four

Fathers Day gift guide

Our final post in The Paper Package’s Father’s Day Gift Guide is focused on gift ideas for professional dads (and we’re including in this category metro men, intellectuals, gadget geeks, creatives and more – all those dads out there with plenty of intelligence and style 🙂 )

Our first pick for these dads is…

1. Classic Black Moleskine Journal

RRP $43.00 including delivery

Moleskine Black Large Ruled Notebook

Moleskine produces the premier range of personal stationery and notebooks in the world today –
highly sought after for their quality, user-friendliness and design integrity. This popular large, ruled journal is the ultimate accessory to a professional’s life – the perfect place to record business notes, travel plans, financial goals, creative ideas and more.

Moleskine Notebooks

500 Moleskine Miles by The Hike Guy

If you’re not sure what dad would like for a gift this year then this is a great choice. He’s bound to be impressed by the quality construction, and it’s hard to explain without using one, but they really are fantastic to write in. And as you can see from “The Hike Guy” notebooks above, once you’ve started using Moleskine notebooks it’s hard to stop!

Note: this isn’t just an idea for urban intellectuals either – these notebooks are ideal for using as fishing, hunting and hiking journals, ship’s log books and more…

2. Leather Card Case by O’Check Design Graphics

RRP $42.00 including delivery

Fathers Day Gift Guide - Leather Card Case

How to make a collection of business cards or credit cards feel like they have some soul? Keep them in this lovely thick, soft, brown leather card case! Made with love and care by O’Check Design Graphics, Korea – this case makes a lovely gift for Dad.

Comes presented in a nice dark grey recycled cardboard gift box – which we then also wrap in brown paper & string with gift tag attached.

3. Sugar and Spice Gift Box

RRP $44.00 including delivery

Fathers Day Gift Guide - Sugar and Spice Gift Box

A traditional type gift box of shaving soap, shaving/skin oil and chocolates which is totally elevated by the DELICIOUS smell of the soap and oil. Bay-tree spice smells awesome and any man in your life is sure to love it!

The Sugar and Spice Gift Box includes:

  • Scully’s Bay Tree Spice Soap bar; made in NZ
  • Scully’s Shaving Skincare Oil; made in NZ
  • 1 dozen handmade foiled chocolate hearts; made in NZ
  • Black gift box (148 x 105 x 50 mm) & vintage gift wrappings
  • Handmade gift tag by HappyHound, North Carolina
  • FREE automatic upgrade to courier delivery included

4. Classic Pen Set

RRP $56.00 including delivery

Fathers Day Gifts - Classic Pen Set

Some people think pens are a really boring thing to give for a gift, but really, what rubbish!! Isn’t everybody totally sick of ballpoint pens that run out after you’ve written half a line? Pens just aren’t what they used to be, and that’s why giving Dad this stylish plus super-high quality German manufactured pen is such a great idea. He will love it!

Fathers Day gift guide - lamy logo

Made of gorgeous brushed steel, this Lamy pen could last a lifetime, and comes complete with the giant Lamy M16 refill with enough ink for 8000 metres of writing.

This stylish little gift box also includes some old-fashioned mints and silver foiled handmade chocolates. Cool.

5. I.T. Dad

RRP $90.00

fathers day gift guide - I.T. dad

This is the ideal gift for all those gadget/computer-loving dads out there… a touch of analog!

Perfect foils to their digitally-driven lives, this fantastic original gift set features an ingenious memo mousepad and internet journal from New York stationery company Galison, along with a Lamy Logo brushed steel pen and cute notepod notepad (formally made in Australia – but closed down by apple cos they don’t like anyone copying their stuff apparently even though it’d made of paper!)

This handy, practical collection of quality stationery products makes an original and memorable gift for Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2011 – Part Three

Fathers Day Gifts - Gourmet Dad

Continuing our Gift Guide for Father’s Day, today we’re focused on gifts for those dads who enjoy their food and a little tipple:

1. Wine Lovers Gift Box

RRP $49.00 including delivery.

Fathers Day Gifts - Wine Lovers Gift BoxIf you dad is a bit of a wine enthusiast, then this could make a great gift for him this Father’s Day. Features some delicious treats along with a fun set of Table Topic conversation starters (“Wine” edition). A sociable, fun  gift for any wine buff**


  • Molly Woppy Biscotti to enjoy with wine or coffee
  • Delicious Cheddar Cheese Sticks to go with that pre-dinner glass
  • Handmade Chocolates, Chocolate Cigar & Almond Slabs
  • “Table Topics To Go” – Wine themed conversation starter game

More details here.

** Dad (or you) will have to BYO the wine!!

2. Masterchef

RRP $72.00

Fathers Day Gift Guide - Gifts for gourmet dads

We have recently done a review on the Moleskine Recipe Journal, and we think it makes a great gift for any dad who enjoys cooking. From the Italian company Moleskine, this recipe journal is part of their “Passions” range – quality products that are designed to complement, record and help organise people’s passions in life.

Along with the recipe journal this gift package adds a few sweet treats for dad (chocolate brownie and old-fashioned sweets) and is presented in our signature vintage-style wrap.

You might also like to consider the Moleskine Recipe Journal separately.

3. The Connoisseur

RRP $76.00

Fathers Day Gifts - Wine Journal

Similar to the Masterchef Gift Box, the Connoisseur is ideal for a wine-loving dad and features another Moleskine “Passions” journal. We have not yet reviewed this journal but it is popular with customers in other countries, and makes an original and stylish gift for Father’s Day, especially when teamed with some delicious snacks for dad to enjoy with his next glass.

Please see the website product page for more details of this gift and the journal itself (including a link to a quick video which shows in more detail how these journals may be used).

And our final pick for food and wine loving dads would be the Sweet and Savoury Gift Box.

4. Sweet & Savoury Gift Box

RRP $48.00

A popular gift for all sorts of occasions, this gift box features a delicious assortment of sweet & savoury treats including:

  • Herb & Spice Mill Colombian Coffee Blend (40g)
  • Black Pepper & Cheddar Shortbread Bites (50g)
  • 3 x Peanut Slabs
  • 2 x Molly Woppy Cheese Sticks (30g)
  • Honey Roasted Peanuts (100g)
  • Choc Chunk & Mixed Nut Biscotti (2pk)
  • 6 x Handmade Foiled Chocolates
  • Black Gloss Gift Box & Handmade, Original Gift Tag
  • Vintage-Style Gift Wrapping AND an automatic upgrade to NZ-wide courier delivery


So, that’s it for today and those gourmet dads. Tomorrow we will finish up our Father’s Day Gift Guide with a look at suitable gifts for I.T./Professional Dads (and then you’ll have no excuse for not being sorted with a gift for September 4 :))

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2011 – Part Two

Continuing our guide to choosing a gift this Father’s Day… today’s post will feature gifts for those GOLF-LOVING dads.

Fathers Day Gifts - Golf Gifts for dad

Apparently golf is the number 1 sport for men in New Zealand – so there must be quite a lot of dads out there that play and/or love golf.  So, to help you find something to suit these dads on Father’s Day we’ve come up with the following golf-themed gifts:

1. Ciak Leather Golf Journal

RRP $38.00

Ciak Golf Notebook

A reasonably priced, original gift for Fathers Day, this lovely little handmade Italian golf notebook is ideal for the keen golf dad.

It has room in it to record all the important information about different games – and is a fantastic way for golf enthusiasts to keep a record of their golfing progress and (hopefully) improvement.

This stylish journal comes wrapped in our signature vintage-style, with complimentary gift tag and FREE upgrade to courier delivery NZ-wide.

2.  Golf Lovers Gift Box

RRP $42.90

Fathers Day Gifts - Golf Lovers Gift Box

A great gift box of treats, again ideal for the serious golf-lover, featuring the Table Topics game – golf edition.

This handy set of golf-related conversation starters is great for all that time when he’s not out on the fairway! Encourage your dad to take his set of Table Topics to the clubhouse, and hopefully he’ll get enough golf talk there that he won’t need to bend anyone’s ear at home!

Table Topics Golf Edition

Along with the Table Topics game, this Golf Lovers Gift Box also features:

  • old-fashioned malt + butter sweets
  • chocolate cigar + almond gold slabs
  • assorted mackintosh’s toffees
  • vintage gift wrapping + tag
  • FREE upgrade to courier delivery NZ-wide

And finally…

3. Golfing Gift Pack

RRP $58.00

Fathers Day Gifts - Golfing Gift Pack

The ideal gift package for golf enthusiasts! This gift package features both the leather golf notebook and the Table Topics game:

  • Ciak Golf Notebook (8x13cm). Made in Italy.
  • Table Topics – “Golf” edition.
  • Kapiti Candies old-fashioned sweets (150g)
  • Handmade gift tag, made by Happy Hound, USA
  • Vintage-style gift wrapping
  • FREE upgrade to courier delivery NZ-wide

For just $58.00 including delivery this is another reasonably priced, stylish and original gift for Father’s Day.

So… that’s it for specialty golf gifts – come back again tomorrow and we’ll show you some great gift ideas for Gourmet dads!

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2011 – Part One

Father’s Day this year is scheduled for Sunday 4 September, and to help you pick the best gift from The Paper Package (ie. one that’s good for your dad and your budget!) we’ve compiled the following handy guide in four sections:

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2011

1. Traditional Fathers Day Gift Boxes

2. Gifts for Golf-Loving Dads

3. Gifts for Gourmet Dads

4. Gifts for I.T. / Professional Dads

So, first up today we’ll be looking at our picks for TRADITIONAL FATHER’S DAY GIFT BOXES

These classic gift boxes are the perfect thing to let dad know how much he’s appreciated and are crammed full with “sweet treats” or  “gourmet snack” type goodies which most dads are very happy to get. Probably the main consideration for your choice here is price:

Under $40.00

Father’s Day Sweet Box

Fathers Day Gift - Sweet Box

This is likely to be our most popular seller for Father’s Day (the equivalent size gift box was our best-selling Mother’s Day gift earlier in the year).

These gift boxes are quite small at approximately 15 x 10 x 5 cm, but they are crammed full with goodies and make the perfect little package for posting or presenting in person.

The accompanying handmade gift tag reads “Hats off to you Dad!”


  • fresh maple & walnut fudge
  • triple choc cookies
  • handmade chocolate cigar
  • more chocolates!
  • wrapped in a fun, vintage-style (brown paper & string)
  • price includes courier delivery

Under $50.00

Fathers Day Gift - Sweet & Savoury Gift BoxSweet and Savoury Gift Box

If you want to spend a little more money this stylish black gift box is sure to go down well. Full of tasty treats for a great morning tea on Father’s Day!


  • Colombian plunger coffee blend
  • Biscotti
  • Cheddar cheese sticks & savoury shortbread bites
  • Honey roasted peanuts
  • Assorted chocolate treats & more…

Presented in a gift box tied with twine and a handmade, vintage-style gift tag – which is then also wrapped vintage-style in brown paper & string.

This gift box is good value for $48.00 including NZ-wide courier delivery.

Under $70.00

Fathers Day Gifts - A Cookie Care PackageA Cookie Care Package

One of our most popular care packages – this gift box is so bursting with assorted cookies and biscuits that it will put a smile on dads face!


  • cookies of all descriptions!!
  • lots of cookies!!
  • a yummy, spicy gingerbread man!!
  • more cookies!!
  • and an “Eat Me” handmade gift tag

The price of this care package is $65.00 which covers free parcel post delivery in NZ. For courier delivery you will need to add another $6.50.

Under $90.00

Fathers Day Gift - Vintage Father's Day Gift BoxVintage Father’s Day Gift Box

This is our premium Father’s Day gift box for 2011.

The classic chocolate coloured gift box features a super-generous selection of treats, old-fashioned favourites and great personal care products.

We absolutely LOVE the selection of products in this package, including the delicious combination of fresh honey-toasted marshmallow with Belgian drinking chocolate. Yum!

The price for this great gift box is $89.90 which also includes the gift wrapping (and gift tag) and NZ courier delivery.

So, those are some of the traditional gift box-y type things we have available – but wait… there’s more! Tomorrow & over the next couple of days we’ll show you some of the different gifts we have categorised by hobbies/interests your dad might enjoy, such as… golf, food & wine, business, I.T.

So, no need to worry about what to send for Father’s Day – we’ve got you covered 🙂

Father’s Day Gift Idea: A Journal (+ some tips & prompts)

Fathers Day Gifts

Jim interrupts his journal writing for a little boxing

Father’s Day is coming up in 5 weeks or so, so we’ve been busy trying to think up some new gift box/gift basket ideas to help celebrate the day. This will be our first Father’s Day in business – and we’re not really sure how things will go or what will prove to be popular. But one idea we have been thinking about is giving Dad (or husband, partner or grandfather) the gift of a journal.

Now I guess most NZ men in our culture do not spend a lot of time introspecting and examining their life through journal writing (or not any of the ones I know anyway!). So you might be thinking … “hang on, my Dad would hate that.”  But there is one really good reason why it’s worth encouraging any man to record things about his life – and that is because in the future his family, especially his children and grandchildren, will be really interested in reading it!

One particular reason why a lot of people dismiss the idea of journal writing is that they don’t feel the need to do it for themselves – and they can’t imagine anybody else ever wanting to read about them. But in terms of real people and real families there’s no need for your dad or partner to be a Bear Grylls – in fact often the most interesting stuff to read about can be the little, seemingly mundane, details of their day to day lives. For instance wouldn’t you love to know stuff about your grandfather, like…

  • what schools he attended
  • whether he had any nicknames at school or home
  • who his best mates and first girlfriends were
  • what subjects did he like or hate
  • what sports he played and how well he did at them
  • what family meal was his favourite, or what did he spend all his pocket money on
  • etc. etc…

It’s interesting because it’s personal and it’s YOUR family history being written.

So that's where he developed his wicked backyard batting technique!

But even with encouragement,a lack of time and inspiration are still barriers to many people who would otherwise keep a journal. So here are a few quick prompts and tips that you could give him to help keep the inspiration level high and the time requirement low:

General Journal Prompts

Answering questions like the following can be a good prompt for journal writing…

About your work:

  • How do you get to work each morning?
  • What tasks take up most of your day?
  • What do you do at morning tea or lunchtime?
  • What are the best and worst things about your job

About your interests, hobbies, sports:

  • The results of your games, competitions,  etc – who did you play, where, and what
  • Top 5 things you enjoy doing at the moment
  • Top 5 things you want to try in the future
  • What is your best ever competitive moment – or best performance

About your family/home life:

  • What did you do with your family last weekend?
  • Favourite family holiday – where, when and who was there
  • How and where do you family eat their evening meal – and what is your favourite family dinner menu
  • Funniest family moment

About your childhood:

  • Any nicknames you had, or funny nicknames you made for others
  • Schools you attended in chronological order
  • Best mates and girlfriends
  • Subjects you liked, disliked
  • Names and short descriptions of teachers you paticularly remember
Journal tips & prompts
After a little encouragement Paul took to journaling like a seasoned pro

Keeping a Journal of Lists

Lists are also a good way to journal, stuff like…

  • Things that always make you laugh out loud
  • Things you should change about yourself but have decided not to
  • Places you’d like to visit
  • Things you can cook (well?)
  • Jobs you’ve had –  in chronological order
  • Top 10 things that annoy you
  • Things you hate to spend money on
  • Things you like now but didn’t used to
  • Things that you really shouldn’t have done
  • 10 things you couldn’t live without

One line a day journaling

One line a day journaling is an excellent way to build up an interesting record of your life. Just one sentence every day, every other day or even every week. Lots of commitment required… but little effort really for a great result.

Journal Tips & prompts

It was a hard sell getting Dave off the beach and into journal keeping!

So, what do you think? Could you use this Father’s Day to convince a man in your life to start some form of journal? Or is this one of those ideas that’s more wishful thinking then realistic? We’d love to know your opinion or comments…

Slow Work Day : Distracted by Decals

Vinyl wall decals make a great gift idea – or an easy winter “spruce-up” for your home. Forget messy paint and stencils, these are quick to put up and removable once you’ve grown tired of them. They would make a great gift for people flatting or renting, or for kid’s rooms (where their interests are likely to change every couple of years).

And the selection available nowadays is so great…


Gift ideas for the Kitchen

Chocolate - A Scientific Breakthrough (approx $44.00 NZD incl. postage from US)

Gift Ideas for Kitchen

This Month... (approx $96.00 NZD incl. postage from US)


Gift Ideas for the Home

Sorting Out Life (approx $42.50 NZD incl. postage from US)

Gift Ideas for the Home

Classic Kiwi Clothesline ($120.00 + courier delivery)


Gift Ideas for the Home

Family Tree (approx. $115.00 NZD incl. postage from US - you supply family name & colour scheme)

Gift Ideas for the Home

In This House... (approx. $80.00 incl postage from Canada)

Gift Ideas for the Home

Vintage Family Name (approx. $50.00 NZD incl postage from US - you supply name)

Gift Ideas for the Home

Birds on a Wire (approx. $38.00 NZD incl postage from US - you can specify width)

Gift Ideas for the Home

A Different Drummer (approx. $74.00 incl postage from US)


Gifts for Kids

Woodland Friends (approx $182.00 NZD inc. postage from Singapore)

Gift Ideas for Kids

Definition of a Boy (approx. $36.00 incl postage from US)

Gift Ideas for Kids

Alphabet ($30.00 incl delivery within NZ)


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We don’t sell any of these products, and aren’t associated in anyway with the shops/products included – we just like what we see!!