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Traditionally, the warming of a new house was a literal act, with friends and family taking gifts of firewood to the new home. Fires were lit in all the fireplaces both to warm the home and to cleanse the house of any resident evil spirits. Today however, we are more likely to give housewarming gifts as a way to celebrate the purchase of a new home, when attending a housewarming party or as a welcome gesture for new people to the neighbourhood.


Housewarming Gift Ideas

Gifts to Take to the New Home:

One of the great things about gifts that you are able to take personally to the new home is that they don’t need to be wrapped up for postage… so you are free to take…

A Fresh Plant:

There is always room in everybody’s house for a lovely, new, houseplant…

Image via Pinterest


Home baking is always appreciated, as are dinner standby’s such as casseroles and treats such as a freshly made dessert pie…

Housewarming gift ideas

Image of Blueberry Lemon Verbena Pie from 101 Cookbooks


Nothing says celebration like a bit of bubbly…

housewarming gift ideas

Image via The Glitter Guide

Homemade Gift Baskets:

These are really fun to put together and can look beautiful, especially if you forget the 1980’s cellophane and big ribbons look, and opt for a more lovely natural style…

housewarming gift ideas

Image via Daily Dose of Stuf

Or A Creative Gift Idea:

Like this fun gift presentation from The Housewife Rookie  which would be great for a housewarming…

housewarming gift ideas

As would this beautifully styled apron, recipe and cake tin gift idea from Julie Blanner

housewarming gift ideas


Gifts to Send to the New Home

But what if you don’t live in the same town and can’t deliver a house-warming gift personally? Then you will need to send a gift, and at The Paper Package we have some great ideas for you!

A Stylish Set of Rifle Paper Co. Notecards & Envelopes

The perfect thing for every new home-owner to have on hand… to say thanks, or hi, or let people know their new address and phone number…

housewarming gift ideas

Lovely Kitchen Gift Sets

Not the kind of thing people usually purchase for themselves, these stylish and practical items will make a welcome addition to a new kitchen…

housewarming gift ideas

Left: Kitchen Care Gift Pack : Right: Family Recipe Gift Package

Room Fragrance

The unique packaging of this Banks and Co. Room Fragrance is reminiscent of the crystal port decanters on the “Endeavour”as used by the 18th Century Sea Captains. A quality NZ-made product, that makes a lovely gift for a new home.

housewarming gift ideas

Gourmet Gift Baskets

A gift box of yummy treats is ideal for when you want to say “Happy Housewarming” but don’t have either the time (or skills hehe) to make something yourself…

housewarming gift ideas - gourmet gift baskets

Vintage Housewarming Gift Basket

An original gift box featuring a lovely bottle of lavender linen water, delicious white chocolate brownie, organic tea from Harney & Sons and yummy loose fudge bites. A wonderful way to welcome in a fresh, new home!

housewarming gift ideas

And finally…

The Moleskine Home Life Journal

A new release from the uber-popular Moleskine brand, this journal is an indispensable companion for the home. The perfect place to plan domestic changes, organise large and small jobs in the home and record interior design ideas. An original and stylish gift that perfect for a housewarming!

housewarming gift ideas

Happy Housewarming!!



Why Moleskines Make Great Gifts

Moleskine Notebooks

In a previous post we’ve written about why the Moleskine Recipe Journal makes a great gift idea, and here I go again with more Moleskine ♥

So why do Moleskine products make such good gifts?

1. Quality & Style

Hard-wearing, long-lasting, durable covers in elegant black. Book-bound (not just glued) journals with smooth, fine, acid-free paper that’s a beautiful creamy colour. Sharp lightly ruled grey lines at just the right distance apart.

Moleskine Classic Ruled Notebook

Classy, functional, simple & elegant design that will reflect your good taste.

2. Variety

Moleskine notebooks and journals come in an enormous variety of styles for different uses and users. At The Paper Package we stick to the classic notebook, cahiers and “passions” range of journals, but you can also purchase Moleskines for sketching, watercolour painting, reporter flip-style notebooks, diaries (the BEST diaries), japenese-style albums, story-board notebooks, music notebooks and more…

Moleskine Cahiers

Moleskine Cahiers in Kraft, Black, Blue and Red ($39.90 per set including delivery from The Paper Package)

3. Creativity

If you put your mind to it you can find a Moleskine to inspire anyone (including your friendly neighbourhood megalomaniac!)…

Moleskine Notebooks collage

All Photos via Pinterest:

Top Left: Flikr :  Top Right: Champignons, Etsy :  Bottom Left: JulienDenoyer, Etsy :  Bottom Right: The Hike Guy

4. Community

When you buy someone a Moleskine product you are inviting them into a huge community of creative,  artistic, imaginative people

Moleskine notebook art

Moleskine Art via Smashing Magazine

5. Individuality

You can give someone a Moleskine notebook that perfectly suits their individual tastes and interests (and if they don’t have any interests, maybe these could inspire them!)  Even the specific journals like this “Passions” range are designed to be customisable and personalisable (err…if that’s even a word!)

Moleskine Passions Journals


Moleskine notebooks and journals make original, inspiring and stylish gifts that are perfect for so many people and occasions, from that “hard to buy for” friend to your cat-loving aunt.

To check out our current range of Moleskine products, and gift baskets containing Moleskine products please visit us at The Paper Package.

Moleskine Journals and Notebooks

Top L to R: Moleskine Cahiers  :  Film Journal  : Family Recipe Gift Basket

Middle L to R: Music Man  :  The Connoisseur  :  Baby Journal

Bottom L to R: Moleskine Red Notebook  :  Garden Notes  :  Moleskine Black Notebook

And coming soon… even more Moleskine!!

New products and some re-stocking arriving from Melbourne soon…

Moleskine journals coming soon

“Passions” Journals: Home Life, Travel, Style

Moleskine gift sets coming soon

Gift Sets: Drawing, Traveling, Writing

Moleskine Passions

Baby Gifts ♥

It might have something to do with the arrival of spring, or the fact that it’s nearly 9 months since New Year’s Eve, but we’ve chosen baby gifts as our featured products at The Paper Package this month. And after much internet browsing (masquerading as “research”) we’ve discovered the following handy tips and ideas for how to choose the best baby gift…

Note to readers: if you have no need to purchase a baby gift in the near future you might want to skip this post and we’ll see you next week 🙂


There are SO many great baby products to choose from nowadays that it is really hard to decide on the best thing to buy. To help narrow your choice, these are the three most commonly cited factors you should try to take into consideration:

1. Uniqueness

You don’t want to give the same gift as everybody else. It will be a disappointment for both you and the person you are giving the gift to. Obviously you won’t know what everybody else will be purchasing for the new baby, but try to keep in mind how popular the item is and whether the recipients are either likely to get it from other people or have it already.

2. Practicality and Usefulness

It’s also important to take into consideration the circumstances of the family. With some families or expectant parents having a new baby is going to be a financial strain. In these cases it is probably fair to say that the more useful and practical the gift the better.

Baby Gift Ideas - Vintage Baby Clothes

There is also the time factor to take into account… even families that aren’t financially-strapped WILL be time-strapped. So while that vintage lace baby outfit might look gorgeous, if it needs special washing it will either become a mess pretty quickly or will never be used at all.

3. Thoughtfulness

As with any other gift choice we really believe that it is “the thought that counts.” Gifts should be given and received in the spirit in which they were intended. So if you keep in the front of your mind the person you’re giving the gift to, and the circumstances you’re giving it in, you are sure to choose something appropriate that will be gratefully received.


There are a number of different options or types of baby gifts you can choose from – and here are some of the most popular…

Note: we have no affiliation with any of the products and/or stores mentioned in this post (apart from our own of course :))

Expendable Gifts

Basically here we are talking nappies. A lot of gift guides on the internet seem to think that disposable nappies are the be-all and end-all of baby gifts – because they are so practical and will definitely be used. Personally I’m not so sure… it feels a bit like giving someone a sack of potatoes instead of a box of chocolates. Sure it might be more practical – but where’s the fun? We say you can do better (and don’t get me started on those “nappy cake” things – ugh).

Practical Gifts

These are much better gift ideas because they’re either practical and beautiful, like lovely soft merino…

baby gift ideas | merino wraps

Soft, Natural Merino Wraps ($69.95) from

Or practical and cute, like this woodland themed dinner set  we just happen to sell 🙂

baby gift ideas

Woodland Dinner Set ($39.50) from

Or practical and stylish, like this super-handy change mat/wallet thing…

baby gift ideas

Skip*Hop Pronto Change Wallet ($78.95) from

Toys and Books

Toys and books are another popular new baby or baby shower gift. It is great to browse for these online because it is so convenient and there is so much choice. Here are a couple of great online stores we found:

IQ Toys

We liked this store because it has a buying guide for 0-12 month babies which is great if you’ve lost touch on what is popular for babies (and how quickly you forget!)

This is one of their recommended products for this age group:

Baby gift ideas - Lamaze gym

Lamaze Spin and  Explore Garden Gym ($52.99) from

They also sell a great range of books for babies and children, and they do e-gift vouchers for when you’ve left it all a bit late.

Handy Tip: If you do decide to give a book, it’s an especially good idea to include an exchange card whenever possible. It’s very easy for new parents to end up with more than one copy of the same book.

Mummade and Felt

For genuinely handmade NZ toys you could take a look at or Both of these websites stock lovely, original handmade products, which are great for the “uniqueness” factor.

baby gift ideas

“Penny the Puppy” made by Lilly-Dee Designs ($27.00) from

And right here at The Paper Package we also sell a small range of baby toys, like this bright & colourful hedgehog…

Baby gifts | Hedgehog rattle

Hedgehog rattle ($29.90) from


Clothing for the new baby is a traditional and popular gift idea. It’s usually recommended that you don’t buy the newborn size – but go for something a bit bigger that might last a bit longer. In this case you need to remember to think seasonally as well (ie. if buying the 6 month size of something, think about what the season will be in 6 months or so).

Some online stores with absolutely beautiful baby clothes include:


baby gift ideas

Boys Striped Beanie ($39.95) from


baby gift ideas

Wrap Merino Longsuit ($59.95) from Mokopuna

Father Rabbit

baby gifts

Hand knitted cotton slippers ($29.00) from Father Rabbit

Something for the New Parent(s)

It is also a nice idea to celebrate the arrival of a new baby with a gift that can be enjoyed by the parents, such as:


Filled with toys, baby products, pampering treats for mum and yummy goodies to share.

Traditional Baby Gift Basket

Traditional Baby Gift Box ($89.90) from



How great would it be to have a package of freshly made meals delivered to your door. This has to be one of the best new baby gift ideas! Baby Angel offers a great range of care parcels containing freshly made family meals and/or home help vouchers for new parents. You can check out their website and book products here:



If you are looking for a gift specifically for the first time dad a “new baby owners manual” could be fun and useful.

Baby gift ideas - baby owners manual

The Baby Owners Manual ($26.52) from



Like this stylish Moleskine Baby Journal.

baby gift ideas - moleskine baby journal

Moleskine Baby Journal ($58.00) from

This is a really unique, useful and practical gift for new parents.

★ A fun thing to give along with this gift is a handwritten list of baby predictions. We found this idea on the internet and think it would be so great for both the expectant parent(s) and their friends and families to do ★

It would also be a good activity for a baby shower because it has to be done before the baby is born obviously!

Baby Predictions – get everyone to record in the baby journal or on a piece of paper their predictions for baby’s:

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
First Word:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Subject:
Favorite Sport:
Favorite Hobby:
Future Profession:
Favorite Toy:
First Steps:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Drink:

Then just sit back, let the mum do all the hard work and see who was the best psychic. It will be so much fun to read over the predictions as the years roll on!

So… that’s it for our tips, hints and ideas for baby gifts. Of course we haven’t mentioned it because we’re officially opposed to gift cards, but gift (or at the very least) exchange cards are a good idea if you are really not sure what the new parents like or need. Most of the stores mentioned above do gift vouchers as do many other places – just remember to gift wrap it beautifully to make it seem special!

Happy baby gift buying!

baby gift ideas - moleskine baby journal

Moleskine Passions Recipe Journal Review

Moleskine Recipe Journal

When you’re spending your hard-earned money on a gift for someone (or for yourself!) there are a couple of things you will want to know…

  • Is it a good choice (will they like it? will I like it?), and
  • Is it worth the money?

So, in relation to these two questions, here are our thoughts on the Moleskine Recipe Journal:


1. Because it makes the perfect family recipe journal

Every family has favourite recipes. The ones that come out every Christmas or special occasion, the ones that you remember fondly from your own childhood or the ones that make up your favourite weekday meals. They all have memories and thoughts associated with them, they are part of your family history and your stories. And wouldn’t it be great if they were able to be passed on to other family members.

This Moleskine recipe journal is a great place to record these favourite memories through recipes, because

  • it has a classic style – and has none of the “tweeness” or “tackiness” of many published family recipe folders.
  • it is durable – with a hard cardboard cover and rounded corners
  • it is customisable – the journal has a mixture of pre-printed and blank sections and there are over 200 stickers and icons included for personalisation
  • there is a back accordian pocket with room to keep handwritten copies of recipes you’ve been given or snippets cut out of newspapers
  • it has acid-free paper (which means it should last at least 500 years!!) which is super-smooth and easy to write on
  • it has an elastic band to keep it tightly closed and protected when it’s not in use (also allows you to stick in lots of pictures and loose papers and keep it all together)
  • it has limited space for recipes per section (18 pages per section for appetisers, mains, desserts etc.). While some might see this as a negative, we think it’s good in that it makes you edit and prioritise your favourites – so the task of recording won’t go on forever.

The Moleskine Recipe Journal presented in this way makes a great gift idea for a bridal shower, engagement, wedding, house-warming, Christmas or birthday.

2. Because it makes the ideal “Cook’s Bible”

If you’ve been watching the Australian Masterchef show over the last couple of years, you might remember seeing George pull out his “cook’s bible” or collection of recipes from his apprenticeship. Everyone who cooks, whether just for themselves or for a family, as a hobby or as a lead-up to a serious attempt at masterchef, could do with a special place to record all those standard recipes, special recipes, tips & tricks they learn along the way.

The Moleskine Recipe Journal makes an ideal “cook’s bible” because:

  • it is durable (see above) and won’t fall to bits within months
  • it is customisable – as well as space for recipes, it also has half the journal blank to fill in as you like. So you are able to customise sections however suits you best (sauces, techniques, flavour profiles, expert tips etc) It also includes over 200 stickers and icons which can be used to further personalise the journal. Give recipes a “thumbs up” or categorise dishes into summer/winter favourites etc.
  • it contains handy information such as Northern & Southern hemisphere food calendars, food facts, measures and conversions, so they are always ready at your fingertips
  • Moleskine Recipe Journal in Useit has acid-free paper (see above)
  • it has an accordian back pocket with room for keeping various pieces of ephemera associated with food
  • it has elastic band to keep it tightly closed and protected when it’s not in use (see above)

The Moleskine Recipe Journal presented in this way makes a great birthday, Christmas or anytime gift for those interested in food or cooking.


Moleskine products are not the cheapest around, and this recipe journal is no exception. So at $56.00 (including gift wrap, gift tag and NZ delivery) is this gift good value for money? Here are a couple of reasons why we think so…

1. It will last. As noted above the Moleskine notebooks are durable and the covers will stand up to being stuffed in and out of drawers, left on the kitchen bench or carried around in a backpack or handbag. They are also book bound, rather than glued, so pages will stay intact and they can be stored upright on a bookshelf for easy reference.

2. They are classically styled and they feel good to use. Designed in Italy, with the heritage of European craftsmanship and journal making behind them, these are the kinds of notebooks that have been used by writers and artists for over two centuries. Although now made in China, the Moleskine journals are still handmade and each one is individually numbered and carefully checked for quality. You can feel the quality of the journal when you hold it, plus it’s stylish and the lovely ivory-coloured paper feels very soft and smooth to write on.

And our final question…


After personally using one of these journals for over a year I have only found one problem – if you use it too close to the stove top you can get a lot of food splatters on the pages. Because the paper used in Moleskine journals is fine, and not waxy or thick, it means that food or oil spilt on the journal stains quite quickly. Depending on your point of view this can either add to the journal’s character, or lead an unwanted messiness to the pages. Our advice is to not stir-fry too close!!

Moleskine recipe journal

Moleskine Recipe Journal $56.00

Moleskine recipe journal

"Masterchef" - Gift Baskets for Men - $72.00

Moleskine recipe journal

"Family Recipe" - Gift Baskets for Women - $112.00